Sports Day 2022

Following a difficult time of lockdown and social distancing, the two Rosans branches combined for the long-awaited sports day 2022. This year’s sports day was held on Tuesday 22nd March in Ayyub Stadium with the first half dedicated to the Montessori, Junior sections and the Senior girls and the afternoon slot was given to the Senior boys.

Both events commenced with the recitation of the noble Quran read by one hifz boy from each branch. The day was officially opened by our honorable Directors Sir. Hasan, Mrs. Hasan, Sir Haider and Sir Ahmad, this permission was sought by our competent and dedicated council members from the four houses Toor, Minar, Saif and Buraq.

After the Oath Taking, the fun began with full enthusiasm.

Each section of races were commenced with a drill, the first being the Jellyfish with real life bubbles and sounds of both daif and the human voice only. The children had been practicing for days in anticipation and they did not disappoint with colorful tentacles and synchronized moves that entertained and impressed all. This was topped off with a spectacular junior karate display demonstrating the discipline and determination for which the children with their coach had been training for prior to this. More spectacular drills welcomed other sections of races for senior girls and boys and all teachers and students should feel proud of the energy and zeal put on display.

The races were theme based and the teachers efforts could be seen by the individual props and and costumes that were prepared and perfected for each race. Different tasks were given for each race including hurdles, puzzle solving and team building. The enthusiasm and support from fellow house members was just a couple of reasons for this memorable and thoroughly enjoyable day!

Rosans spirit continued to be felt and heard with the senior boys displays and races. With an unforgettable and spectacular karate display ending with fire tile breaking.

No one was left out; not even teachers were exempt. Fathers joined in the fun and joy with a friendly race which gave great pleasure to all especially the children. An unforgettable day where even former students came to participate in races and tug of war.

The winning house for the Senior girls and junior section was Minar and the winning house for senior boys was Saif, cheers and delight could be felt throughout the stadium. With all students praised for their participation and endeavor regardless of the results.

We pray for an equally successful sports day next year with everyone in good health and in a good condition. Ameen

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