Sports Day 2024

Rosans Islamic School’s Annual Sports Day 2024 unfolded with a powerful theme, “Standing with Palestine,” creating a vibrant tapestry of solidarity and sportsmanship. The event showcased more than athleticism; it became a platform for fostering awareness and unity. Dabke performances added cultural richness, infusing the air with rhythmic beats, while poignant poems on Palestine resonated with heartfelt emotions.

The highlight of the day was the human chain formed by students, symbolizing unwavering support for the Palestinian cause. This symbolic gesture echoed the school’s commitment to global understanding and compassion. The boys’ events were not only marked by high-spirited races but also featured displays of discipline and strength through karate demonstrations. The sports day at Rosans Islamic School transcended the realm of competition, becoming a testament to the power of education in fostering empathy and social responsibility.

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